Communications Services

Communications covers a huge amount of things that we all do every day: talking to staff, engaging with customers, managing the media, selling, buying, negotiating and presenting.

At Mark Wall Communications we have helped many organisations and businesses with a wide range of communication needs: internal and external communications, stakeholder management, message identification, PR and marketing.  Our aim is to help you understand your message and your story, and promote it to those who need to hear.

Some of the things we have helped clients with recently….


Communications Strategy

We can help you identify your strategic communication needs.

As with all elements of your business  you need a plan.  You need to know where you are going, why, and how to get there.  You need a strategy.

Communications is no different.  Having a strategic view of your communication ensures clarity, consistency and increases your chance of being heard. 

Using tried and tested techniques and utilising the best PR, marketing, and communication theories, Mark Wall Communications will work with you to hone your messages, then devise and implement strategies to make your communications powerful, effective and engaging.

Internal Communication

Your staff, members or colleagues need to know what your organisation is doing; where it’s going, what challenges it faces and how they can play their individual parts in delivering what’s needed.  

This holds true everywhere; from large multinationals to small local groups. Internal communications is all about ensuring that everyone knows what they need to know, and gets the information in a way that they find easy to access, understand and digest.  We should communicate using methods that our target audience use, not simply in ways we feel comfortable. 

If you need to make sure that your team know what the objectives and plans are for the next twelve months, or you need people to understand why you have to change your structure, you need an internal communications plan and we can help. 


Crisis Communication

When bad news hits, stress levels sky-rocket and things can look bleak. Nobody wants to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. If you find yourself with unwanted media attention, or facing issues you know aren’t going to play well in tomorrow’s papers, we can help.

At Mark Wall Communications, we’ve seen businesses and organisations through some very serious difficulties.  Nothing you can say will faze us and discretion is guaranteed.

We can’t make the media go away but we can help you manage your crisis communication; then help you rebuild your reputation once the rest of the world has moved on

To manage a crisis you need a communication plan.  You need to know what is happening, who is saying what and what your options for responding are.  You need to identify your audiences and map out who needs to be told what, when and by whom.  It is all straightforward, but if just one element goes wrong, then the crisis gets worse and lasts longer.

Project Management

Often, people and businesses need some additional flexible capacity; to help deliver a large marketing campaign, or to fill a temporary gap; or perhaps to have an expert take an impartial view of your current communications operations and come up with a new strategy.

Whatever your needs, Mark Wall Communications has the experience and skills to help. From a few days to several weeks, or months, we have the flexibility to move from project to project, working with you to deliver maximum impact and positive outcomes for your business without a long-term commitment.


Media Management

Most people are scared of the media. But, if handled well, they can be a huge asset in getting your message across.

Most journalists are not trying to catch you out, just provide good stories for their readers, listeners and viewers.  These can be your stories.

Mark Wall Communications can build a positive media handling campaign for you, utilising our contacts to make sure that your messages are understood by the key media players.  How do you get your messages into the traditional media, newspapers, radio and TV? Are you tempted by social media’s promise of a direct channel to a wider world but unsure what should you say, or how to make people listen?

Understanding the value of great media coverage and how to pitch stories that grab attention and hit the headlines is essential in creating a positive feel about your company or campaign.  Once you understand what the media needs to do their job, you can make sure they help you do yours as well.