Professional Training courses

We now provide a series of well received, professional training courses to help improve your communication skills. Whether you need your teams to hone their presentations skills, understand negotiation and influencing, really gets to grips with how to manage the media or refresh their practice on recruitment and selection, we have the courses for you. We can also offer 1:1 or small group work and mentoring.

"I found it very useful to get real world learning from a PR and journalist perspective. The top tips will be invaluable and the practical experience of being filmed on camera helped frame my thoughts as well as think about the presentation of my message on camera."
"Having attended lots of courses / workshops / training sessions in the past, I must say that i was pleasantly impressed by how relaxed, well prepared an knowledgeable the trainers were. They created a really great atmosphere and I was excited throughout the day and was looking forward to what was going to happen next."
"I just want to say what an excellent day i had on Tuesday. The training was really interactive and fun. The whole day was executed in a very professional manner, but still allowing us all to be informal and relaxed throughout. I personally feel much more confident with the expertise you shared with us on the day."
"The trainer made me feel very much at ease and because he delivered the training within a small group this allowed me to overcome my fear of public speaking."
"Mark and Nick were very engaging and personable. I very much enjoyed the training and would welcome any further input from them both."
"I'd really like to thank you for what was, i thought, an excellent training day! it was incredibly productive for the training to be so tailored to the sector and individual attendees... With plenty of one-to-one time and with good opportunities to learn from each other too. Importantly, the training will enable me to work across the organisation in strengthening media and promotional activities."
"Mark Wall Communications have helped us with media and communications training, tailored marketing projects, including media planning and social media management in the last year. They have listened and understood our brief for each of these projects and delivered accurately and on time. The training has been interesting, well received, remembered and used by our staff - thank you."
"Mark is an excellent communicator; creative, flexible and very easy to work with. He is well known in the NHS and across the south west media and gets things done. His ability to calmly and effectively manage in a crisis is extremely valuable."