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Media Management

How do you get your messages into the traditional media – newspapers, radio and TV? Tempted by social media’s promise of a direct channel to a wider world but unsure what should you say, or how to make people listen then spread the word? Mark Wall Communications is here to help.

Media Management

Media coverage

Understanding the value of great media coverage and how to pitch stories that grab attention and hit the headlines.  Once you understand what the media needs to do their job, you can make sure they help you do yours as well.

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Media Management

Media communications

Knowing what the media are looking for and how to work with you to deliver what they need.  Most journalists are not trying to catch you out – just provide good stories for their readers, listeners and viewers.  These can be your stories.

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Media Training

Media training

Guiding you through every possible channel to ensure your messages are heard and make sure your business gets the best out of the marketing mix.  Working with the media is a skill like any other:  it can be learned, and it can be improved.  We can help.

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Media Management

Media handling

Designing and implementing a communications strategy that will significantly raise your profile.  You need to work out what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how you can say it.  Our experienced and expert advice and support will get results quickly.

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