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Communications PlanThe first rule when you are facing a crisis is “don’t panic!”  The second rule is “get expert help”.  The third rule is “definitely don’t panic”.

By definition, crises do not come along that often.  So it is likely that your team will not have the experience to deal with them.  You need experience, know how and expert advice and support.  We can provide this.

Make Crisis Communication Work

To manage a crisis you need a communication plan.  You need to know what is happening, who is saying what and what your options for responding are.  You need to identify your audiences and map out who needs to be told what, when and by whom.  It is all straightforward, but if just one element goes wrong, then the crisis gets worse and lasts longer.

So we would work with you to think through who the stakeholders are, what the priority messages need to be and how best we will get those messages out.  Who are the key media outlets and what is their stance?  Can we mitigate the damage by explaining context, or is it just about surviving the current crisis?  And then how do we move on?  Where do we go next to reassure people and rebuild confidence?  We can come into your business at short notice to help with all of this.  We can devise a strategy, draft a plan and then make it happen.

Top Tips for Developing a Crisis Communication Plan.

  • Understand your audiences
  • Don’t assume it will go away
  • Build alliances – who is on your side?
  • Don’t forget internal communications
  • Think like a journalist.  What do they need and how can we use that?


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